Miami International Mall - December 3rd - February 14th, 2022


A majestic musical theater production presenting a beautiful love story, told through Cuban nostalgia, which will amalgamate the magic of the island's performing arts and gastronomy. The story takes place in a magical setting that integrates itself into the outdoor space.


Produced and directed by Peter Regalado, Cuba Under the Stars aims to become the best and most pertinent option for musical theater entertainment during the holiday season.


The orchestra, composed of 18 musicians, will be under the musical direction of Yordis Goiricelaya, nominated for the Grammy Awards in 2017 and 2018 as a producer, arranger and musician for Albita's big band album, and Enrnesto Fernandez as 2020 producer and arranger.


A core of 24 dancers were chosen from among more than 500 professionals that auditioned. These dancers locals and others, are seeing great opportunity in the Magic City, considering Broadway’s current closure. They will perform under the artistic direction of Henry Gual, Choreographer and specialized teacher graduated from the National School of Art of Cuba. Creative and choreographic director of his Henry Gual Danza project.


During the two-hour production of CUBA Under the Stars, musical numbers will range from Cuban classics and original compositions by Cuban artists, including GRAMMY, Latin GRAMMY and Emmy Award winner Albita Rodriguez, singer, songwriter and fellow Latin GRAMMY Award winner Amaury Gutiérrez, Salsa and Guaracha performer Luis Bofill, and singer, actress and dancer Lena Burke.


The cast is composed of talented actors including Jeffry Batista, a Cuban born actor and singer, he has been in plays including Amparo and Cacería. His film credits include The Rafter, the Lilo Vilaplana directed Plantados, and most recently, Critical Thinking, directed by John Leguizamo. Cast member Sandy Marquetti is a Cuban American actor who has participated in several international television and film projects, under the production and direction of Fernando Trueba.

The Schedule


• Opening Night: Friday, December 3rd

• Show will run Friday and saturday except special days 7:00pm to 11pm thru March 26

• Seating Capacity: 400, with six feet of space between tables

• Wheelchair Accessible

• Admission: Adults Only

• Entrance Fee $80 to $150 per person, including dinner

Safety First

Economic Impact

The safety of attendees:

• Tables are all six feet apart in an open air venue

• Hand Sanitizer Stations throughout the premises

• Full table service will prevent guests from walking around

• All cast tested 45 days before event and every 15 days during

• Dancers and Actors will have their masks on at all times except

   while onstage

• Crew will have masks on at all times

• 250 Jobs will be created for 2 months and 125 jobs for 4 months

• A total Economic Impact of more than 4M dollars for this 4 months production.


Sponsored By:

For  General Show Information or other questions please call us at 305.222.2221